Your guide to fishing in St. Germain

Your guide to fishing in St. Germain

If you’ve been lucky enough to cast a line here, you know—St. Germain is one of the top fishing destinations in the Northwoods. Generations of anglers have had great success on our lakes and the area’s world-class fishing keeps visitors coming back to St. Germain, year after year.

New to our waters? Here are are few things to know about fishing in St. Germain.

What are some good fishing lakes in St. Germain?

For starters, you have a lot of options.

“We’ve got everything here.” said longtime fishing guide Rob Manthei. “We have a ton of lakes in a five-mile radius. Big lakes, and small lakes and everything in between. We even have little backwoods lakes. There’s something for everybody.”

Two of the most popular and well-known lakes are Big Saint Germain Lake (1,622 acres) and Little Saint Germain Lake (972 acres). But those are just a couple of St. Germain’s many great fishing options—Pickerel Lake, Lost Lake, Found Lake, and Lake Content all have productive waters and there are many more lesser-known lakes that are just waiting for your cast.

Interested in learning more about St. Germain’s lakes? You can see details on lakes in the St. Germain area, including what fish are contained in each lake, on the state Department of Natural Resources website.

What fish can you catch in St. Germain?

Good news: you can catch just about any Northwoods species in St. Germain.

“We have every species under the sun,” Manthei said. “We have all panfish, both bass species (largemouth and smallmouth), walleye, pike, and musky. We even have some stocked trout lakes and a couple of trout streams.”

How does St. Germain compare to other fishing destinations?

If you’re looking for top-flight fishing, look no further than St. Germain. The area is known for its consistently good fishing. Manthei said that there are musky fishermen who trailer their boats great distances around the Midwest and Canada to “follow the next hot bite.” But he said the quality of the fishing in those far-flung destinations can sometimes be hit or miss.

In St. Germain, you can count on consistently good fishing, year after year, season after season.

“The fishing is always going to be solid here,” Manthei said. “We always hold our own.”

Where can you rent a boat in St. Germain?

Need a little help getting on the water? No problem. There are St. Germain resorts with fishing boats available to guests and you can rent boats right in St. Germain at St Germain Sport Marine, Premier Powersports & Marine, St. Germain Rentals, Paul’s Rent All and R Point of View Pontoon. These outfitters have some great boats available for your use, and you won’t have to pull a trailer for hours to get on the lake.

Where can you purchase bait in St. Germain?

You can get everything you need, right in St. German. Head to Last Cast Fishing Outfitters for live bait, tackle, fishing supplies, and more.

Where can you purchase a fishing license in St. Germain?

You can purchase a license right in town at Last Cast Fishing Outfitters, St Germain Sport Marine and Little St. Mobile Express Mart. Be sure to get a license before you head out on the water – it’s required in Wisconsin. Learn more about fishing licenses and regulations on the state Department of Natural Resources website.

Are there any fishing tournaments in St. Germain?

Yes! Don’t miss Fishing with the Stars open-water fishing tournament. The 2023 tournament takes place on May 20. Awards will be given in seven categories and you could win a chance to head out for a day of fishing with Fishing Stars John Gillespie, Pete Maina and Rob Manthei! Be sure to also mark your calendar for the Greater Wisconsin Musky Tournament, on Oct. 7-8.

How can you be sure to catch a fish in St. Germain?

There are no guarantees in life, on or off the water, but you can better your odds greatly by working with a St. Germain fishing guide. It also makes the experience fun and easy, and it can be a relative bargain if you consider what the guide brings along.

Ken Jackson, a third-generation St. Germain guide, said guides typically have fully equipped boats and all the gear that you need.

“You can just show up and head out,” Jackson said. “You just need to have a fishing license, some sunglasses, and maybe a little rain gear if it’s cloudy that day. The guide will get you set up.”

Going out with a guide can also be a great family activity. Jackson said guides love taking new anglers out on the lake.

Manthei said that when you hire a local guide, you can learn so much—catching fish is a bonus.

“You are learning the waters, learning the techniques, and learning about all the new equipment that’s out there,” he said.

Manthei is a lifelong fisherman and a full-time guide with a wealth of knowledge, but even he will still sometimes seek out a knowledgeable local guide when he travels into an unfamiliar area. He said it’s worth it.

 “I look for the best guide I can find,” he said. “I want to make the most out of my time, wherever I am going.”

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