Spring hiking in St. Germain

Spring hiking in St. Germain

The changing of the seasons is a magical time in St. Germain. As the last traces of snow disappear and the earth gently thaws, a new season of hiking in the Northwoods begins. It’s a wonderful time to connect with nature, get moving, and experience some fresh forest views. There are many miles of trails near St. Germain lodging properties and they are all beautiful. Ready for a St. Germain spring adventure? Here’s a quick guide to spring hiking in St. Germain.

Pick a trail

When you’re in St. Germain, you’re never far from a beautiful spring hiking spot. The Fern Ridge Hiking Trail has over a mile of scenic hiking that’s near, but separated from the system’s winding mountain bike trails. There are plenty of signs to help you stay on track. The Shannon Lake Trail includes a new nice rolling loops through the forest, including one that traces the shore of undeveloped Shannon Lake. The Awassa Nature Preserve & Hiking Trail has two convenient trailheads and a variety of looped trails that will take you through stands of towering pine trees. The Heart of Vilas County Paved Bike Trail System can be a good bet when other trails are very wet – it’s paved and there’s plenty of trail to enjoy. You can pick the trail up in the heart of St. Germain and it runs over 50 miles!

Dress for success

If there’s one thing you can count on with a spring hike, is the conditions can vary widely from day to day, or even hour to hour. While a spring day’s high temperature can be warm and mild, things can really cool off in the morning and evening. Stay comfortable by dressing in layers, and you might consider bringing a small pack along, to help carry extra layers that you don’t need as the day warms. Waterproof shoes or hiking boots are also a good idea, and you might want to bring a second pair of shoes along for the drive back to your lodging, in case your trail shoes become muddy. If you’re a bird watcher, don’t forget the binoculars – there are new arrivals daily!

Late snow = late snowshoeing

Sometimes winter has a way of reminding us that it hasn’t completely left St. Germain. But a late Northwoods snowstorm doesn’t end trail adventures – snowshoeing is a late season winter activity that can be enjoyed, even when other snow activities like snowmobiling and skiing are not possible. Snowshoes can help you get through heavy snow that would make hiking difficult. Just enjoy every step – spring snow doesn’t last long!

Tread lightly

Use care when you’re heading out onto trails that may be soft and muddy – avoid making tracks that might cause lasting damage to the trail. This is also important for bikers on the trails – a single rider can create ruts that will cause volunteers untold hours to repair. Enjoy the trails carefully today and protect them for tomorrow!

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