A St. Germain Family Fun Guide

A St. Germain Family Fun Guide

The reasons to to take a family vacation to St. Germain are as numerous as the hemlocks and the hardwoods. A getaway here might last a week or a weekend, but the memories that people build here endure, and the moments of laughter, wonder and relaxation are priceless. Family vacations can pass far too quickly – be sure to make the most of your time in St. Germain. For family getaways, a little preparation can go a long way. Here’s a quick guide to creating the perfect St. Germain family getaway.

Select a season

Generations of vacationers have enjoyed St. Germain in the summer, and a warm summer day here is hard to beat. But every season brings its own magic and a great times to visit the area is the late winter and early spring. This transition between the seasons can be beautiful, as the forest slowly comes back to life. It’s a wonderful time to enjoy an afternoon hike – or snowshoe – before tucking in by a warm fire.

Find lodging

St. Germain has lodging options that are perfect for any family. You can make your weekend easy and convenient with a stay in a traditional hotel, or you can enjoy a classic cozy experience with a St. Germain resort. There are also plenty of gorgeous St. Germain vacation homes with enough room for families of all sizes – enjoy all the amenities of home, plus views that will take your breath away. Here’s where to find St. Germain lodging options.

Feed the crew

St. Germain’s restaurants welcome families and there are plenty of dining options for Northwoods vacationers of all ages. Enjoy a zesty slice of pizza, a tasty order of pancakes and bacon, some gooey Wisconsin cheese curds, or a classic hamburger served just how you like it. You’ll never go hungry in St. Germain. Here are some delicious dining options.

Enjoy the great outdoors

You don’t need much to enjoy some family fun in St. Germain, just let nature help set the agenda. If the hiking trails are open, a stroll through the forest can be a good bet – the Awassa Nature Preserve, Fern Ridge Trail and Shannon Lake Hiking Trail are all beautiful. When there’s snow, the trails become destinations for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Lean more about the outdoors in St. Germain.

When the lakes are frozen (be sure to check local conditions) there’s a lot of fun to be had out on the ice. Enjoy a day ice fishing, or bring a shovel and some skates out and make your own personal rink. If you need some company, build a snowman! Camp’s Fresh Market has the carrot and coal you might need. You can find sledding options right on the grounds of some lodging properties – slide right down to the lake. Need some outdoor gear? Head to Knitt’s Hardware Hank. And if snow is in short supply, the fun can continue. Just build a roaring fire in a fire pit, sit back and enjoy some beverages – and if you’re feeling like something sweet, roast a few marshmallows!

Enjoy the great indoors

Is there a better place than a seat by a Northwoods fireplace? You can ponder that question as you sip some hot cocoa near the hearth. Some of the best days in St. Germain are spent somewhere near a fire. Bring out the board games, or perhaps a puzzle that’s big enough for everyone to work on. Be sure to stock up on cocoa and snacks at Camp’s and add to the Northwoods ambiance by playing one of our great local radio stations. Life today can feel like a race, but things slow down in St. Germain. Enjoy every moment!