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Feed Our Rural Kids | FORK

Feed Our Rural Kids (FORK) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Mission of Feed Our Rural Kids (FORK) is to provide nutritional support to children from insecure homes within the Northland Pines, Three Lakes, and Phelps School Districts.

1. FORK manages and funds 3 food support programs benefiting food insecure children within the Northland Pines, Three Lakes and Phelps School Districts: FORK Cares, FORK NOW, and the 10 FORK Pantries.
2 The FORK Endowment Fund provides financial support to nonprofit organizations who are also focused on feeding children within their program area.
3. FORK’s Family Food Helpline (888-479-FORK (3675) is a partnership with the Vilas and Oneida County Departments of Social Services that provides area residents a go-to reference for locally available sources of nutritional support available to food insecure families in both Vilas and Oneida Counties.
It became clear early on that to be successful providing nutritional support meant FORK needed to do more than just provide food. So, today FORK measures the effectiveness of their efforts through four different critical success factors.
1. Impactful FORK Meal Programs
2. Collaborative Local Food Support
3. Educational Awareness and Outreach
4. Financial Stability and Sustainability.

Each of these critical success factors impacts FORK’s ability to support area children from food insecure homes.