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Make no mistake, it’s a different world in St. Germain. And with thousands of acres of lakes surrounded by the vast Northwoods, there’s plenty of room for everyone.

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The sunset shines off the lake glowing through tree branches.

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Celebrating 100 Years of Jackson's Lakeside Cottages!

Jackson’s Lakeside Cottage have been lifelong business partners in St. Germain, Wisconsin. The current owners of the cottages are 4th generation residents of St. Germain, WI. Over the last century, modern conveniences have changed the way every generation has run the business, and often for the betterFrom hauling ice blocks and splitting them by hand to installing air conditioning in many of the cottages guests return year after year to true relaxationCaring for the lake and its surrounding environment has been and will continue to be the family’s priorityCome visit Jackson’s Lakeside Cottages to wipe the slate clean and clear your mind for a weekend in St. Germain, WI.