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BBQ King Smokehouse

BBQ King Smokehouse

Real Texas & Kansas City Style Open Pit BBQ. BBQ King Catering was started about 8 years ago with two brothers who just loved to cook. We started messing around in the back yard and wrecked a lot of food. But one day we figured it out, and started to do events for family and friends. Then we tried our hand at the KCBS BBQ competition circuit. We were very successful only cooking in a handful of events but placing in the top 5 at all of them. Nothing beats a natural wood and charcoal fire roasting a pig for 12-16 hours. Come taste the difference.





Carolina Rib KingCarolina Rib King

When it comes to cooking ribs and creating special sauces, Carolina Rib King is in a league of its own. Over the past 15 years “The Carolina Rib King” has emerged as one of the top rib cookers in North America. After cooking for years, in 1996, King Solomon decided to turn his hobby into a career. He formed a cooking team of family and friends and quickly became know as “The Carolina Rib King”. In 1996, his team competed in their first cook off in Tryon, NC where they placed sixth in the whole hog competition. Later in 1998, they won their 1st championship. Since 1998, The Carolina Rib King cooking team has been sweeping the country and racking up on the awards. Today they compete in over 15 shows a year from West Palm Beach, Florida to Toronto, Ontario while stopping along the way in Charleston WV, Bismouth, SD, Cleveland, OH, Erie, PA, St Germain, WI and Winston Salem, NC and more. Now they not only win in the whole hog competition, but have won in every category including Greatest Ribs, Greatest Sauce, Pulled Pork, Brisket,Chicken, People’s Choice and Grand Champion.


Classic Catering CreationsClassic Catering Creations

Great barbecue from Cedar Rapids, Iowa! Serving up smoked pork ribs, pulled pork, porkloin sandwiches, breakfast cheddar brat wraps. 







Pig In! Pig Out! BBQPig In! Pig Out! BBQ

Pig in Pig Out began competing in 1993 and has been serving award winning barbeque in the Wichita area since 1996. Feast on the only championship winning barbeque in town. We are currently serving you at 1003 East 13th Street, Wichita, KS 67214. Come in to See our competition cooking team’s awards. Many of our awards are displayed on the walls at both ends of our dining area. But you need to try the barbeque yourself and tell us what you think.




Cream PuffsCamp American Legion
Tasty cream puffs.








A variety of Coors products from Zastrow the Beer Man in Merrill, WI.



C.O.W. Curds of Wisconsin

C.O.W. (Curds of Wisconsin)
Deep-fried cheese curds freshly made in the mooing cow truck. A crowd favorite year after year.






JPN ConcessionsJPN Concessions

Offering fair favorites like popcorn, frozen desserts, cotton candy, root beer floats & other tasty treats!







Lions Club Sweet CornLions Club Sweet Corn
Sweet corn on the cob provided by the St. Germain Lions Club!






Miller Beer of the NorthwoodsMiller
Miller products from General Beer Northwoods in Eagle River, WI.





PepsiRC Cola
Since its launch in 1905, RC Cola has been a soft drink that embodies individuality and entrepreneurial spirit. RC’s crisp, clean taste distinguishes it from other colas and has become a favorite of cola drnkers throughout America.








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